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What is NaviSoC?

NaviSoC is a low cost but high precision and reliable GNSS systems as an open-platform solution, which is not a black-box but fully flexible miniature navigation and application MCU.

The navigation part on NaviSoC is a the dual-freq., low-power GNSS receiver, which is able to receive simultaneously GNSS bands:

Despite the full integration on one-silicon, it allows to unlimited access to GNSS raw data on any level. It gives a possibility to fuse with external Inertial Measurement Unit to complement Positioning, Navigation and Timing with non-GNSS sensors.

Why NaviSoC?

We do believe that NaviSoC could help to enable high precision application’s market at low cost and create many innovative products based on it.

Electronic system designers, who use NaviSoC can take advantage of our in-house uploaded firmware to get PNT or RAW data in RINEX/NMEA digital format or use lower level data and signaling. It can be I/Q analogue signals after down conversion to intermediate frequency fed to an external high-resolution ADC to develop for example, passive radar with GNSS signal as illuminator. Direct bit stream from on-chip ADCs is also available to use with external DSP unit, when necessary. Finally, embedded GNSS-ISE™ engine can be used as a hardware accelerator to implement own acquisition and tracking or to develop own positioning algorithms by exploiting pseudoranges and carrier phase information.

Anything else?

NaviSoC is also equipped with rich of peripherals 32-bit RISC microcontroller integrated with embedded Flash Non-Volatile Memory (NVM). It is provided with free SDK making the user application development straightforward. Today, each electronic system, which uses GNSS data, needs at least two separate chips: GNSS receiver and application processor, which controls whole system and process PNT data from navigation module.

With single-chip all-in-one solution a design, validation and prototype process will be much faster. At the same time the system will be smaller, much more durable and reliable. The reduced BoM (Bill of Material) will also decrease the unit cost of final device. Such solution can drive market of low cost but high precision and reliable GNSS systems as an open-platform solution, which is not a black box but fully flexible miniature navigation and application microcontroller.

Target specification

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What’s inside?

But what do we need it for…?

Nowadays low cost highly integrated GNSS receivers have low precision and low reliability. This is caused by using only one GNSS signal (typically GPS L1). From the other hand high precision and reliable navigation solutions come with high price and large size. There is a big gap in price and in precision on the existing market. Many applications need precision better than 1 m and reliable positioning, but the cost and size are also an important factor. Our answer to this gap is single-chip dual frequency (E1/E5ab) multi-constellation reliable and highly accurate compact navigation receiver integrated with application microprocessor.

Possible applications for our product are:

Over recent years we can observe continuous growth of the global GNSS market. The total core (chipset) market size is around 90 billion USD (according to the GSA).

What we offer?